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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Car Stereo Systems

Those days are gone when most people used home stereo system inside the car and drive away. Today you have a wide selection of high-definition car systems available in the market for instance Audio players, CD players, LCD players and so on. You can get audio systems which are already built-in the car, however the quality is questionable. High quality cars of excellent make just like BMW, Volkswagen and many others provide high quality of stereo systems. Some reputed companies provide high quality stereos such as Sony car stereos, Blaupunkt stereos, Pioneer stereos and so forth. You can actually customize your system according to your requirement and preference.

Car stereo isn’t just a part that you could easily fit in the car. There is also some attachments with all the car stereos. As an example in the head unit you will find different types of tweeters, amplifiers, subwoofers, and various audio attachments to improve the audio quality of your system. You can find high quality stereo and also cheap stereos. As we say, you simply get that which you actually purchase, so quality comes with a price. Just be sure you never pay an exorbitant amount as well within the name of the branded stereo system. Also look for the sturdiness of the stereo system, as installing a very good system won’t suit your purposes if it does not work.

Always purchase car systems from the place that sells products linked to cars as well as stereo audio. Look at a place where you could get anything in one place, whether your stereo system, tweeters, amplifiers or other accessories. It saves time and effort. Additionally you usually tend to have the stereo system and also the attachments which are suitable and compatible to one another. You can definitely find some cheap car stereos which fit in your car and could be easily installed. You may see online shops selling these kinds of products. Look into the credibility of the online shop as well as the detailed description of the product mentioned in order to avoid any confusion afterwards.

Stereo systems came a considerable ways when it comes to technology, advancement and excellence of the sound. Remember to choose the one based on your taste and quality of the product or service.

Must Get A Tune Up Car

Winter weather conditions are tough on engines and a good car tune upwill make driving much easier. The time to take this action is before the severe winter weather hits, so your automobile is ready to go whenever you are ready to go.

A thorough tune up for your vehicle includes several items:

  • Replacement of the spark plugs is a pretty standard procedure. New spark plugs can bring an engine back to life. The plug wires will also be checked for wear and tear. If a replacement is in order, that will be done so the engine will receive its full source of power.
  • Clogged filters slow a car down, so a tune up will include replacing the air and fuel filters.
  • The mechanic will also all belts and hoses. If any are showing wear, it is much better to replace them rather than waiting for a breakage or leakage.
  • Finally, all fluid levels need to checked with additional fluid added if necessary.

While a mechanic is taking care of these tasks, other issues that could be problems should be addressed. For example, cleaning the fuel system and removing any carbon deposits that will keep the engine from operating at its peak performance. A good thorough tune up car can make a significant difference in performance while saving money on gas.

Vehicle’s Auto Glass Repair

Auto windshield repair vs. replacement

How will you know whether you need to replace the entire windshield or just need to get it repaired? An experienced auto windshield repair expert can guide you very well. However, it is always a great idea to know the basic rule of auto windshield repair and replacement – if a crack is longer than three inches, then you might need to get a complete auto glass replacement, but if the damage is not that severe, a simple auto glass repair can be performed. For instance, rock chips, the most common damage that averagely happens to a windshield, can be taken care of by a well trained and experienced expert.

Auto windshield repair service can come to you

Like most of the vehicle owners, you might also have a very hectic and busy schedule. Finding time to get the rock chips repaired can be difficult due to busy schedules, and you may extend the repair work up to weekends of other free time. This one of the biggest reasons that some people drive around with those chips and scratches for an extended period. Those damages do obstruct the vision of the driver and can also turn out to be hazardous for the driver’s as well as the co-passengers’ safety while traveling on the road.

Thus instead of ignoring those small obstacles, you can call the repair center to avail the mobile services. There are several repair centers for car window repair in Columbus providing mobile services. This option would be an excellent option for those who do not get time to take their vehicle to the repair shop. Imagine how wonderful it would be when you can freely complete your other important tasks and duties while having the windshield of your vehicle getting repaired at your place!

Paying for auto glass repair and replacement services

Another reason why several vehicle owners put off getting their car window repaired or replaced is that they are scared that the charged would be very high. Well, as a matter of fact, auto glass repair and replacement are considerably affordable, and the services can be availed at really reasonable prices. Also, if you have an insurance policy for your vehicle, then either the full amount or a considerable part of the costing is covered by your insurance company after claiming the insurance. The conclusion is that there are plenty of options available when it comes to services charges but no matter what, you should never compromise your safety for few bucks.

Things you must look for in a car window repair show

As said earlier, there are plenty of repair shops for car window repair in Columbus, but you need to hire the right one for your vehicle. When looking for an auto windshield repair shop, keep the following things in mind –

Guarantee – a reputed and renowned auto glass repair shop will offer a guarantee for the services they provide.

Kind of repair they handle – make sure that the company who are hiring can perform rock chip repair along with full auto glass replacement services.

For more details on auto glass repair services, you may call or visit Glass Doctor, one of the famous car window repair companies in Columbus.

Information of Pollen Filters

The cost to replace an air conditioning filter is minimal. It can cost anything between $45 and $55. However, imagine a car without an air conditioning filter. In that case, when it becomes clogged you are left with no other option but replace the HVAC unit itself. It can be a real costly affair. You might have to incur as much as $600 to replace the air conditioning filter. In fact, the expenditure can go as high as $1100 depending on how hard it is to remove the unit from the dash of the car.

However, you might be thinking how you will understand whether you are having a dirty air conditioning filter. There are some obvious symptoms which will make you understand that you are having a bad aircon system.

The most common symptom that is associated with such a condition is poor airflow from the car’s internal vents. When the air conditioning filter becomes too dirty you will not be able to experience a clean air as the unit will not be able to filter the air that is coming in. It will cause a restricted airflow. The vents will blow with noticeable low speed which in turn will reduce the overall cooling capacity of the air conditioning system. Moreover, it will also create an additional strain on the car’s HVAC unit.

Another common symptom that will tell you if the air conditioning filter is dirty when you experience a bad odour from the car’s interior vents. When the filter is extremely contaminated you will get a dusty and musty smell emanating from the vents especially when the air conditioning system is switched on. It can become extremely uncomfortable for people to sit inside the car with such a smell.

This cabin filter is a simple component and can be easily replaced. Hence, whenever you feel that the Aircon system of your car is clogged you should get your vehicle examined by trusted car mechanics like us. We will have a thorough check-up of your car and will replace the filter within no time at a reasonable price. Thus, make your car cabin comfortable for your family as well as yourself.

It is true that replacing air condition filters is quite an easy task but breathing in a dusty air regularly will pose serious health risks so it is recommended that you get your car inspected regularly and replace the car air filters at regular intervals.

However, just think of a situation that during this festive warm season you car has no aircon! In that case you might have to remove the unit from the dash if it is clogged and sometimes even there might be a need to remove the entire dash as well. It can be quite an expensive affair and you might as well think of getting a new car. Take a step back. Get in touch with an expert. If you are in north Brisbane you can contact Northside Automotive at Everton Hills. Their team of highly trained mechanics will service it thoroughly and make sure that an air conditioning filter is added to your car’s HVAC unit.