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Function of Modern Clutches

The functions of a modern clutch are varied, but it is mainly responsible for allowing a smooth start of the vehicle and smooth changing of gears. The modern also acts as an overload protection in case of failure during gear change or other related instances. The basically, allows the engine to start operating from inertial rest. It also makes sure a sufficient amount of power is generated before transmission.

Let’s check different clutch designs available in the market.

Single plate with sheet metal housing – A membrane spring is used for release to take place. This is deployed in utility vehicles and offers an improved force transfer due to plate springs with lining abrasion.

Dual plate with cast housing – The release levers are responsible for the release. These are deployed in heavy-duty utility vehicles and offer enhanced torque moments force transfer between two driver plates.

Dual plate with sheet metal housing – This is also used in heavy-duty utility vehicles and is popular because of space-savings within the drive train.

Single plate with fixed ancillary down thrust – The presence of a hollow shaft is responsible for powering the second unit. This design is mainly used for the waste disposal vehicles or ready-mix concrete trucks.

Multi-plate clutches – These are used mainly in the racing cars. They possess numerous components, including a cover, drive plates, driven plates, springs, and clutch hub.

Talking of the clutches for Mini Cooper, there are numerous options available in the market from companies like ACT and OS GIKEN.

The multi plate clutch from OS GIKEN, known as the Grand Touring, comes with a feature known as “floating pressure system.” This feature offers a chatter-free and smooth experience while driving. This can be matched with a hard or soft clutch cover to suit the output of the engine. Another variant, known as the STR line-up, is suitable for occasional racing or street driving. This clutch, which is ideal for Mini Cooper S R56, is available from Sneed4Speed.