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Information of Pollen Filters

The cost to replace an air conditioning filter is minimal. It can cost anything between $45 and $55. However, imagine a car without an air conditioning filter. In that case, when it becomes clogged you are left with no other option but replace the HVAC unit itself. It can be a real costly affair. You might have to incur as much as $600 to replace the air conditioning filter. In fact, the expenditure can go as high as $1100 depending on how hard it is to remove the unit from the dash of the car.

However, you might be thinking how you will understand whether you are having a dirty air conditioning filter. There are some obvious symptoms which will make you understand that you are having a bad aircon system.

The most common symptom that is associated with such a condition is poor airflow from the car’s internal vents. When the air conditioning filter becomes too dirty you will not be able to experience a clean air as the unit will not be able to filter the air that is coming in. It will cause a restricted airflow. The vents will blow with noticeable low speed which in turn will reduce the overall cooling capacity of the air conditioning system. Moreover, it will also create an additional strain on the car’s HVAC unit.

Another common symptom that will tell you if the air conditioning filter is dirty when you experience a bad odour from the car’s interior vents. When the filter is extremely contaminated you will get a dusty and musty smell emanating from the vents especially when the air conditioning system is switched on. It can become extremely uncomfortable for people to sit inside the car with such a smell.

This cabin filter is a simple component and can be easily replaced. Hence, whenever you feel that the Aircon system of your car is clogged you should get your vehicle examined by trusted car mechanics like us. We will have a thorough check-up of your car and will replace the filter within no time at a reasonable price. Thus, make your car cabin comfortable for your family as well as yourself.

It is true that replacing air condition filters is quite an easy task but breathing in a dusty air regularly will pose serious health risks so it is recommended that you get your car inspected regularly and replace the car air filters at regular intervals.

However, just think of a situation that during this festive warm season you car has no aircon! In that case you might have to remove the unit from the dash if it is clogged and sometimes even there might be a need to remove the entire dash as well. It can be quite an expensive affair and you might as well think of getting a new car. Take a step back. Get in touch with an expert. If you are in north Brisbane you can contact Northside Automotive at Everton Hills. Their team of highly trained mechanics will service it thoroughly and make sure that an air conditioning filter is added to your car’s HVAC unit.