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Must Get A Tune Up Car

Winter weather conditions are tough on engines and a good car tune upwill make driving much easier. The time to take this action is before the severe winter weather hits, so your automobile is ready to go whenever you are ready to go.

A thorough tune up for your vehicle includes several items:

  • Replacement of the spark plugs is a pretty standard procedure. New spark plugs can bring an engine back to life. The plug wires will also be checked for wear and tear. If a replacement is in order, that will be done so the engine will receive its full source of power.
  • Clogged filters slow a car down, so a tune up will include replacing the air and fuel filters.
  • The mechanic will also all belts and hoses. If any are showing wear, it is much better to replace them rather than waiting for a breakage or leakage.
  • Finally, all fluid levels need to checked with additional fluid added if necessary.

While a mechanic is taking care of these tasks, other issues that could be problems should be addressed. For example, cleaning the fuel system and removing any carbon deposits that will keep the engine from operating at its peak performance. A good thorough tune up car can make a significant difference in performance while saving money on gas.