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Pros And Cons of Purchasing SUV

Pros of Buying A Sport/Suburban Utility Vehicle

  • More comfortable seats

One of the advantages of buying an SUV is its comfortable seats. Many SUVs have better seats than a standard vehicle. You will feel like sitting on a regular chair.

  • Additional protection

Another added advantage of purchasing an SUV is the extra protection provided by them. SUVs are likely to give more protection than a small car in an accident.

  • Easy to load

SUVs provide greater comfort and flexibility in loading and unloading things. It can be a lot easier to put things in the back of the vehicle. Additionally, SUVs provide more space than a standard trunk.

  • Higher driving position

The seats of SUVs are much higher than a typical car. Thus the driver can enjoy a much better view of the road.

  • Four-wheel drive

Almost every SUV manufacturer offers a four-wheel drive (4WD) option. This can turn out to be a great advantage in case of slippery roads or if you are driving across rough terrain.

  • Better for towing

If you are planning on towing something, then you are more expected to find an SUV that provides the tow capacity you are looking for.

  • Statement vehicles

For some drivers, larger vehicles make a statement about them, and if you are one of them who wants to stand out when on the road, then this may turn out to be a positive point for you.

Cons Of Buying A Sport/Suburban Utility Vehicle

  • Higher purchasing price
  • The prices for SUV’s start higher than a standard vehicle, so they can cost more to buy.
  • Higher maintenance costs

An SUV can cost more in maintenance. Stuff like tires and brakes are typically more expensive in an SUV than that of an average car.

  • Extra difficult to park

This is something due to which several people do not prefer to buy an SUV. They are harder to park due to their larger size and ideally, they are not suitable for use in older or crowded cities where parking spaces are either at a premium or streets are very narrow.

  • Additional issues in handling

Higher vehicles like an SUV have a higher center of gravity. Therefore, as a result, SUV don’t handle as well as a car that has a lower center of gravity in emergency driving situations.

  • Lower mileage

One of the biggest disadvantages of purchasing an SUV is that they typically get lower gas mileage than standard cars and hence can cost a lot more to run.

  • More complex vehicles

Four-wheel drive SUVs are much complicated than a regular car thus resulting in a lot of things that can go wrong. In an SUV, the transmissions are extra complicated, and they have an extra axle which you may not find in a regular car.

  • Four-wheel drive option not necessarily needed

Most of the SUV owners stated that they never use the four-wheel drive. At some places, this may not be a common complaint, but commonly, SUV’s owners may only use the four-wheel drive only a few times a year. Thus, it may not be worth the added cost.

Hope this article would help you greatly in taking the best decision for you.

Happy driving!