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Selecting Spark Plugs

Ignition System

The NGK spark plugs you need depend on the igniting system found in your vehicle. This can be very different for a typical daily computer and a drag racing vehicle! The good news is there are items offered for any type of vehicle you may have. You aren’t going to have any trouble finding those specifically designed to fit a given make, model, and year of vehicle.

Heat Range

If your vehicle has been modified in any way, that could also change the heat range you need from NGK spark plugs. Double check that information so you can get the high performance options you really need. Don’t put all that time and money into upgrading an engine and then not offer the right plugs to make sure they can handle the job successfully.

Symptoms to Pay Attention to

There are various symptoms that could indicate you need to replace what you have with NGK spark plugs. If your vehicle is starting to misfire, take the time to inspect them. If you can’t remember the last time you changed them or checked them, make it a priority to do so now. If you feel like the power overall is sluggish or your vehicle is hard to start, don’t ignore it.

These can both be symptoms that your plugs are getting older and worn out. It certainly doesn’t hurt to get them replaced and see the difference it makes in the overall performance of your vehicle. You will likely discover your fuel mileage increases too and that means more savings in your pocket ongoing. It also reduce emissions so you can feel good about your contribution.

Taking care of the environment is the responsibility we all share. Emission reduction with this one change is something you can do easily. If you live in an area where there are emissions laws, you have to test below a certain level or they won’t certify your vehicle to be driven. Don’t wait until you have to go for an inspection to make this change.


Knowing when it is time to change them is important, but there isn’t any set timeframe. It depends on how often you use the vehicle and what you use it for. With NGK spark plugs, you will notice the sharpness of them starts to become dull. This is due to time and wear so that can be an indicator you should change them.

They may not all wear the same but you want to change them all at the same time. Don’t just change one or two but the complete set each time. This is because the gap between them will continue to grow with time. That makes it harder and harder for them to create the spark to start your engine.